Make A Reservation!

EMAIL us, click BREATH to send an email or call (760) 364-2069 to make a reservation.
If we don't pick up please be sure to leave a voice message or you may also text your message.

*Reservations made in as far in advance as possible are appreciated.
Thank You!


Include name, address, and phone. *If already a Member, provide name and Member number.
Include arrival and departure date, type of accommodation desired, and if applicable, number of people accompanying you.

We'll varifly availablility send you a tab for your visit and directions. Return here to make an advance payment by clicking on the "Donate" button.


Membership is Required per every person in your party - Please choose one of the options below:

Annual membership signup upon arrival.
$10 per person for Bright Star.
$60 per person for Shining Star. *Offers two nights, twice during the term of membership, for two people, free!
$1,000 per person for Shooting Star (Lifetime Membership). *Offers Members who have been active with Starland for at least one year, no more annual dues renewals.


What to Bring:
Water & Food, Ice-chest & Ice, Towels (for shower/pool/spa/sitting nude on communal chairs/etc.), Hygiene items, Flashlights & Batteries(!)
*Tent & Sleeping-bag if camping.
Books, Art Supplies, Etc. as you like.
*Ice is available at nearby Hwy mini-store.


All include toilet, shower, pool & spa use!
*'Sorry, no Wi-Fi, yet! But working on it.


Tent Camping Sites - Pitch a tent on one of the many terraced sites with a view and soft sand.
$30 per site per night, limit two people.


RV Sites - Full Hookup; water, power, Black and Gray water dump.
$75/night per site. With Hookup.

$45/night per site. Without Hookup ("dry" sites).



Cabins (three) - all private with A/C and queen sized beds:


1. Pine

2. Dream

$60/night/person - Spring - Fall - April 1 thru Oct. 14

$75/night/person - Winter (Includes space heater) Oct. 15 thru March 31

$20/night/additional person.

$300 Weekly, one person.

$900 Monthly, one person.


3. Vista Arroyo *Canyon view, toilet & sink. Our version of a "Honeymoon Suite."

$75/night one person - Spring - Fall - April 1 thru Oct. 14

$95/night one person - Winter (Includes space heater) Oct. 15 thru March 31

$20/night/additional person.

$475 Weekly, one person.

$1,100 Monthly, one person.



Rooms (two) in Common House - all semi-private with A/C and queen sized beds:


1. Bottom Sweet - One queen bed & full bath.

$85/night one person - Spring - Fall - April 1 thru Oct. 14

$105/night one person - Winter (Includes heating) Oct. 15 thru March 31

$20/night/additional person


2. Top Sweet - Two queen beds & sink for washing hands

$55/night/person/one bed - Spring - Fall - April 1 thru Oct 14

$70/night/person/one bed - Winter - Oct. 15 thru March 31

$20/night/additional person

$95/night/Whole suite privately (both beds) - Spring - Fall - April 1 thru Oct 14

$100/night/Whole suite privately (both beds) - Winter - Oct 14 thru March 31

$20/night/additional person


Communal Accommodation - The Community Hall - Possible place for groups of five or more:
$30 Per Member, for floor mattress use per night.
$40 Per Member, for queen Air-bed upgrade use per night.


*Exclusive Use - Community Hall, or for the whole camp - Groups of more than five must apply with our group consultant, who will offer a fair price.


HOT TUB!!! Free with any paid reservation, communal use only.

POOL!!! Free with any paid reservation, communal use only.


Day Use - General admission - We welcome local Members, and those needing to get away during the daylight hours. Day use does not include overnight accommodations. Call us in advance--Day use is seasonally-scheduled, and may be cancelled due to the weather.
$20 per Member, per day (8:00 AM-9:00 PM)


$100 A/C per month (Cabins/Indoor "Sweets")

$50/wk w/extra person (Cabins/Indoor "Sweets")

$150/mo w/extra person (Cabins/Indoor "Sweets")

$20 Day-Guest of paying visitor *First day fee $30 - includes one-year required basic membership.


Pets are allowed inside their human's trailer or RV. No pets are allowed in our cabins, in tents, or kept in a parked car or truck. No pets are welcome in any indoor structure or building in our camp. Outside, pets are the responsibility of the pet's human, and the pet must be kept on a leash and under the human's control at all times. Please bring along a "poop scoop" and trash bags, when walking your pet. We understand that most dogs and cats are domestic friends, and in their usual household, may be quiet and tame. However, often a domesticated animal will seem confused or upset over the sight of other humans and another human's pets. We prefer quiet and calm pets, and pets that can be kept quiet when with other humans. Sometimes, wild animals are seen near or around our camp, such as coyotes, mountain lions, and bobcats. Pet humans are requested to keep a watchful eye out for these creatures. Please be aware, too, of the cactus, and other threats common to the desert that will be seen near our camp. Keep a comb and a pair of tweezers ready for unexpected needs.


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